Why Hire Steve Stewart?

Modesty aside, Steve Stewart can make a huge difference to your programs. And you will never find any speaker/consultant/writer easier to work with.

  • Steve absolutely guarantees your satisfaction with his performance.
  • Steve personally helps you market your event.
  • All programs are customized you your industry and market conditions.
    · Prior to your event, we will ask you for the names of numbers of members/associates he can interview prior to final preparations for his presentation. That keeps the presentation fresh, crisp and relevant!
    · Steve asks all of your people for direct feedback. We collect
    survey input from your people about what they do, about their challenges, and what will make the biggest differences in their work and results.
  • Steve knows what he's talking about. He has performed in the top 1% of three different industries:
    Sales: A former top producer in Southern Calif, Steve has closed as many as 126 real estate sales in a single year.
    Professional Speaking: Steve has spoken to audiences more than 3,000 times throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and France. With overwhelmingly positive evaluations, he gets asked back again and again -- in some cases more than 30 times in just five or six years. The world's largest association of professional salespeople only has two conventions per year; Steve spoke for them 14 consecutive times. NAR once described him as being in a small circle of "Speakers with Street Smarts"!
    Writing/publishing: With 13 book and audio series titles to his publishing credit, he is one of the few people to ever sell more than 175,000 books and 1,250,000 audio recordings on the subject of sales since 1986. Three more books are now under a publisher's contract.
  • Steve will give you a variety of articles you can publish at no charge in order to help promote your event and provide meaningful follow up.
  • Free Big Ideas e-newsletter for your people. Big Ideas is a regular series of great sales ideas and techniques delivered by e-mail to anyone who wants it. We make a living being of service, not by selling newsletter subscriptions.
  • Steve mingles with your people before and after his presentation and is available for questions the whole time he is with you. You won't see a hit-and-run appearance.
  • We help you with your whole event, not just one speech or seminar! With multiple topics and wide ranging experience, Steve can do keynotes, breakout sessions, panel discussions (member and moderator) and retreats.
  • You may put on one or two programs a year. Steve has spoken professionally to groups like yours more than 3,000 times. Maybe his experience is worth tapping into?
  • If your people wish to continue with a training series after your event, we are prepared with the Nuts & Bolts of Selling Series. This series can be customized to your market and requirements.
  • We make commitments, not campaign promises. Steve does everything he says he will.
  • And oh yeah - he's fast, funny and genuinely connects with your audience!


276 N. El Camino Real, #184
Oceanside CA 92058



(760) 298-8146
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(909) 498-7007