The Nuts & Bolts of Selling Real Estate

Nuts & Bolts of Selling Real Estate is a four week course in the mechanics and skills of selling real estate, for licensees new or renewed in the business.
This is a how-to program designed to get new business written now. It's a quick start do-this, say-that course full of understandings that otherwise take years of bleeding and shock therapy to learn. This course is meant for people who want to earn a meaningful income while building a lasting career filled with satisfied clients and customers.
Nuts & Bolts of Selling Real Estate is designed to operate through Boards of Realtors®, large brokerages and cooperating collections of offices.

In the last four years, several hundred-thousand new members have joined the National Association of Realtors® coming from different industries, some attracted to the career possibilities, others laid off during cut-backs and mergers; still others in record numbers directly from college.
o Less than 10% of them have prior experience in sales
o Less than 1% bring prior successful experience in real estate sales.
o 90% of all Board training ignores salesmanship!
Historically there has never been more business, nor has it been easier or more likely to fail.

At a facility provided by the Board of Realtors® or sponsoring brokerages.

The course meets four times: once per week for four weeks. Each class runs for a three-hour combination of instructor presentation, active participation, role-play and practice/drill/rehearse.

o Four classes deep with content.
o Personal in-class coaching & outside-class phone coaching
o Scripts, techniques, presentations ... and Attitude!
o Course materials, audio tapes, one book
o Free subscription to Big Ideas sales e-mail newsletter

The total investment is only $195, roughly 1½% of one side of one residential transaction commission. Additionally, any agent may re-enroll an unlimited number of times at the cost of only $15 per class or $40 for a complete series at any location.

Lesson #1 - Prospecting
Finding potential clients and customers o The Three Best Calls you can make! o Techniques for quickly building a solid client base o FSBO's o Expired's o Open Houses o Centers of Influence o Referrals o Open Houses o Cold Calls vs Warm Calls o Internet Prospecting o Two Contracts signed in the next 30 days

Lesson #2 - Listing
Once you've got a live one, it's 70% up to your presentation. What you say, when to say it, how long to talk o The Magnitude of Price! o How to build your presentation o Closing and handling seller objections o Getting referrals to other sellers. You are given an actual listing presentation you can deliver within 24 hours.

Lesson #3 - Working with Buyers
This is the single most dangerous area of real estate sales - most likely to kill a career in 90 days and most likely to land you in court! But if you've got the courage for it, we cover: Qualifying needs and finances o Gaining buyer loyalty and commitments o Showing less property while selling more homes o Documentation ("But I never said that!") o Closing for faster decisions o Overcoming standard objections o Getting referrals o Buyer Brokerage

Lesson #4 - Technology
Technology has turned the industry on its ear. o Using Email to build your business o Contact Management Software (Top Producers, PREP, ACT)o Web sites that make you money or lose it o Review of all four classes.


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