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Two New Seminar Topics!

Steve Stewart Seminars has rolled out two brand new seminars for the year 2006. For information on Steve's fees and availability, call at (760) 298-8146 or e-mail us directly.

Going to the Next Level
There you are stuck on a plateau. You are doing well enough, but can't seem to make the jump to the next production level and you are working too many hours. How do you shake things up?
Every experienced agent deals with this question. There is no such thing as standing still - you move ahead or get passed up. The answers lie in …

· Assistants. How many one-man- bands can you name? Get some help!
· Reputation for truth. The truth is all you have, and it is exactly what clients want from you. Tell them precisely what they need to know.
· Being different: you can't always manage to be the best, but you are in complete control of standing apart from the crowd.
· Technology: Internet marketing, e-mail promotions, hardware/software … you must make technology work for you.
· Building a bigger, better client base. You need more than simple client referrals. You get work by doing work. People should see you doing work where you shine.

56 Buyer Questions Before Getting in the Car!
Every 20 minutes you spend in the office asking questions saves you an hour of showing property. Grabbing your car keys as soon as a buyer wants to look at houses is actually the slowest way to find a house. Thoroughly qualifying needs, wants and finances FIRST is the very fastest because it makes every showing count.· Urgency: Why are they buying now? How much time to they have? What happens if they can't meet their deadlines?
· Time and Ability: Do they have other appointments to meet other agents? Can they make a decision today?
· Money: How much cash is there to work with? What does that mean and where is the money now? Have they brought a checkbook along? Have they spoken with a lender about this yet?
· Experience: Have they bought/sold before? Do they need to sell in order to buy?
· Property Questions: What exactly are they hoping to find? How much of that is optional and what is required?
· Pre-meeting Qualifiers: Have then bring measurements of their biggest furniture. Who else is involved in the selection decision?
· And many, many more!

Steve Stewart is a master at qualifying. Let him demonstrate how to find out what we really need to know!


Only change is constant. There is no standing still. That warm feeling that everything is "going along" is the body temperature at the center of the herd.






Every new approach takes practice. It isn't possible to learn something new and look good at the same time.











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