Steve Stewart Seminars

Steve Stewart Seminars

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Speaker Friends I Recommend:
Mike Rounds Translates Technology Into Human Terms So No One Gets Left Behind Blending knowledge, humor, and technical competency before audiences of 5 to 5,000 people, experienced in 40 states and six foreigh countries. Mike Rounds delivers programs on business development, the Internet and related technologies, marketing, and motivation.

 Nancy Miller, Unlike many celebrities who you'll hear who have had to overcome a challenge, Nancy will tell you that she wasn't on her way to becoming a world class athlete or an international model - she simply wanted what the rest of us want - success and happiness in her chosen life style.

Her message is TRULY inspiring because it's a message for the rest of us who have something other than careers that place us in the limelight and yet still have to cope challenges and be successful.



  Steve Kaye, Ph.D., president of Brains-on Learning, shows leaders how to take others with them into the future. His presentations are well researched and packed with techniques that work in the real world. You can also expect a fun filled learning experience. He has written two books and a booklet, published over 70 articles, and appeared on radio and TV. He informs, inspires, and entertains.  
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Oceanside CA 92058



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