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We want to speak to your students - Now!

For 30 years I have been a professional speaker addressing nearly 3,500 audiences across North America and Western Europe about business and marketing. But there is nothing I can speak about to any audience today with a greater potential for good than talking with your teenagers about preventing another teen suicide.

The Canadian Medical Association Journal released a study May 25, 2013 which concluded that suicides among teens are indeed contagious. That is, when teens hear about the recent suicide of a peer - someone similar to themselves in age, race and socio-economic strata, their original inclinations toward suicide as a solution to their own teenage angst, multiples by a factor between two and FIVE times. Just knowing about a peer's suicide makes other teens more at risk of death at their own hands.

This is precisely why we need to sit with high school and middle school age teens to explain why they are not at risk simply because someone like them has taken his/her own life. Plus, we need to give your teens additional hope, help them see positive alternatives for saving their own lives as well as reaching out to students living closer to the edge.

Shouldn't we be talking today? Please look this website over. Click on a lot of links. Then call me directly at 760-298-8146 to see how we can make this happen for your school, church, scout troop or youth sports team. Allow me to leave them better than I found them.

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