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Bullied schoolgirl leaped to her death from bridge over main road amid rumours of 'promiscuous behaviour'
By Gavin Allen
Last updated at 7:56 PM on 5th January 2012

A schoolgirl leaped to her death from a bridge over a main road after being bullied by people at school and around her family home, with rumours circulating that she was 'promiscuous', an inquest heard today. The inquiry into the death of Simone Grice, 15, heard that there were suggestions she had been meeting men in a supermarket car park for sex.

She had also been the subject of bullying by people living around the family home and was being home-taught after being taken out of school because of bullying there.

Tragic scene: Simone Grice threw herself to her death from the Tolskithy Bridge over the A30 near Redruth Cornwall
On the night she died in July 2009, the hearing was told, she came home and asked her mother Linda to call the police and a doctor, before changing her mind and disappearing from the house in Mennaye Gardens, Redruth, near Cornwall.
Simone claimed she had suffered bleeding but the post-mortem examination found no evidence of injuries. The inquest heard she had previously feared she was pregnant, but it was a false alarm.

In a statement, her father David Grice told the hearing his teenager daughter was picked on at school and youths would regularly visit their family home shouting a stream of abuse.

The statement, taken during a police interview and read out in the hearing, read: 'She said she was being picked on and bullied at school.'We had lots of trouble with local children knocking on the door. 'They called us freaks and threatened to beat us up. 'She was disturbed by the children.'

She threw herself off a bridge over the A30, dying instantly from chest injuries. With her were a rag doll and a picture of a man.
Text messages she sent that day to two people known as Jay and Robert X, were read to the hearing in Camborne, Cornwall.

Later she replied: '4 f***s sake! I look older than 15 my mum didnt ring the police, wasn't Babs (her aunt). How?'
In a text to Robert X shortly before she died she said: 'I cannot wait until I am 16. I hope my life will be more easy and il have a better understanding of things.'

Linda Grice, the teenager's mother, told the inquest her daughter was not promiscuous. But she added that Simone had recently split up with her boyfriend, who was not named, and had been associating with two other men. The nature of those relationships was not made clear.

She told the inquest that when her daughter came home that night she seemed troubled and had experienced 'something she couldn't live with''I tried to get her to talk to me about it but she wouldn't tell me what it was,' she said.

The inquest heard that Simone's home life was 'chaotic and cluttered' and she had previously briefly been placed on the council's register of vulnerable children.

Confession: Simone told her mother Linda Grice, pictured here at Camborne Magistrates Court, about seeing something she couldn't live with. She had also seen her GP over mental health problems linked to school bullying, which had improved after she left the school. The inquest also heard that Simone may have accessed chat rooms and social networking websites to contact older men.

Mrs Grice, told the hearing 'Simone was in an emotional state, she wasn't safe. I didn't know how to check the computer.
'I was told the computer was going to be monitored and she would be able to do anything unsuitable. She was vulnerable because of the bullying in the neighbourhood. And it was severe bullying.'

Simone's aunt Barbara Sykes told the inquest the teenager confided in her that she was 'sexually active' and 'depressed'. She added: "She told me she was sexually active and I was shocked because of her age.

'She could become withdrawn and depressed for no reason. She felt her life was hopeless. She once told me she had sex with men on the internet. She felt guilty as she had a boyfriend at the time who told all his friends and then broke up with her.'

'The man she met for sex was older, about 35 to 40 years of age which I consider to be a middle age man. I told her to stop. 'She was calm and matter of fact about the whole thing. I'm aware she had no social circle as such, she didn't have any friends her own age.'

The inquest is expected to conclude today.

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