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This Suicide Attempt Report is Rare

Update: Jan 9, 2014. Today, Matt Barnett entered a plea of guilty to a misdemeanor child endangerment of 14 year old Daisy Coleman as part of a deal with prosecutors. His deal includes two years probation and a four-month suspended jail term. By pleading guilty to this, he will not be charged with rape or serve a day in jail, by the terms of his plea agreement.

Also today, Ms Colman was


In a break from journalistic custom today, web news site The Daily Beast and television station WDAR-TV news have reported on the suicide attempt of a 16 year old Missouri high school student. and even named the girl. It is often unusual for the media to report on suicide deaths, possibly for fear of stepping on family sensibilities. But it is very rare to report at all on suicide attempts believing that the families need privacy. Consequently, many suicide deaths and nearly all suicide attempts are unknown to the public.

But this case is different because the 14 year old girl's name, Daisy Coleman, was already in the news. The prosecutor alleged that Daisy and her 13 year old friend sneaked out of the house to go to a party with friends. They were given alcohol, quickly passed out, Daisy said. She next woke up sitting on her front porch were her mother found her freezing. Her mother put her in a hot bath to warm her up and discovered signs of sexual assault.

The prosecutor charged Matt Barnett of the assault of both girls and charged his friend Jordon Zech, also 17 at the time, of sexual exploitation after video recording the incident. Later charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

Matt Barnett's grandfather, Rex Barnett, is a district representative in the Missouri state legislature.

Yesterday, January 8, Daisy was taken to a hospital psychiatric ward after her third suicide attempt. She had attended a party with classmates. Immediately following the party she - not the boys - was attacked on several Twitter accounts over the sexual assault account. The next day, Barnett pleaded guilty to reduced charges and an agreement of no jail time beyond a suspended sentence.

Here is a fuller account, minus the guilty plea, and including 10 minutes of audio.

Also, here.

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