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Punjabi Teen Commits Suicide Following Gang-rape

Suicides are frequently stories of perceived powerlessness. To those inclined toward suicide, things seem intolerable, that they are never going to improve. Surely no one is going to care, nor will they ever have control over their lives so they remain lost.

In November 2012, a 17 year old Punjabi girl in India was gang-raped. For the remainder of November and much of December, she begged and badgered the police to take her case seriously and make arrests of the known attackers.

The police made the matter worse by encouraging her to accept hush money from her attackers or perhaps to erase the crime by marrying one of the rapists - a recommendation common in the Third World. After all, in their culture, no one is going to marry a girl who is not a virgin - meaning that she is damaged goods. She might as well marry the one man who might accept her? It would be no different than if you were kidnapped, then destined to remain a slave of the kidnapper. Or, sqatters stole your house, and you gave them the deed so it won't be considered stolen.

Feeling this hopelessness, this raped teenager gave up and committed suicide in December by swallowing poison. Belatedly after her death, the police arrested three attackers - two men and a female accomplice.

Women in India are often abused. Sky News' official figures are that 89% of reported violent crimes in India are perpetrated against women. That does not include the unreported crimes which clearly would push the crime numbers against women higher. Additionally, it commonly takes 10 to 15 years for a rape charge to be tried in Indian courts after the attack.

No wonder this teen felt helpless, powerless. As a young woman, she accurately felt the loss of control over her life.

But … suicide?

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