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Does anything override your child's need for privacy?

June 4, 2013. Gabby Molina was a 12 year old girl in Queens, New York. She had been in a video taped fight at school, posted online a few months ago. She and the other girl made up the next day, but the video remained posted. Also remaining were the taunts from a different girl who kept calling Gabby a slut and a whore. Twelve! These girls are Twelve! How awful is this other girl's life that repeating "slut" and "whore" at a twelve year old is what gives meaning to the taunting girl's life?

Gabby was cutting herself, recognized as a dangerous cry for help. Her older sister knew of the cutting and fighting, but kept to the promise not to tell anyone as Gabby had asked. Gabby's mother also respected her privacy - did not read her daughter's communications. Mom knocked on Gabby's locked door but did not enter when there was no answer.

Sure, teens need privacy. But at one cost? After knocking on Gabby's door from morning to mid-afternoon, her sister and grandmother forced the door open only to find Gabby hanging in her room, dead.

I'm NOT blaming family for this terrible loss. For us, blame would be focused like a laser on those who bullied and cyber bullied little Gabby.

Even twelve year olds who taunt a child into death are "child killers." Where should we store child killers? In schools where all the other children are? Or should we at least quarantine them from other children least they do it again?

What happened to Gabby?

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