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Can we admit we have a problem?

Can we admit that we have a national problem with drugs and alcohol? Can admit that anyone using, let alone abusing, drugs and alcohol is NOT at his or her best while under the influence or not?

This is from "The Basic Text" for Narcotics Anonymous:

"The only alternatives to recovery are jails, institutions, dereliction and death. Unfortunately, our disease makes us deny our addiction. If you are an addict, you can find a new way of life through the NA Program."

It's a good read if you are using or someone near and dear to you is. N/A shares its 12 Step program with AA. For that matter, you can hear the voice and see the slide show of AA founder Bill W. You will find the honesty refreshing.

Why bring this up? You aren't abusing, right? You aren't addicted, right? No one ever expects to find themselves on the addict's side of the line, looking back wistfully at better days. And yet it happens every day. By the time addicts realize it, their youth, their friends, family and other relationships, their health and wealth are all spent.

Most middle and high schools in the US will tell you that drugs and alcohol are a problem - or a great problem - with their students on and off campus. They will also tell you they are certain the situation is more serious than anyone in the school office knows. Most teachers and every principal and vice principal can tell you the name of a student who has overdosed and other students whose drug and alcohol abuse has presented serious problems on campus.

Bullies can be found everywhere. Some of the bullies without behavior altering drugs and alcohol would simply be less of a problem without the habit. And some of the bullied students would not have to drown their pain in the drugs.

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