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How to Kill a Child and Get Away With It

Where did we go wrong? If a student defaces school property by writing his name on a wall, perhaps something derogatory, he will likely be suspended or even expelled for his property crime. You can't damage public property and not be punished. It happens many times every day somewhere it America. Encouraging bystanders might well be expelled as well.

If a student swings his fist at a teacher, perhaps a male teacher big enough to take care of himself, that student will likely be suspended or expelled for his behavior and likely charged with criminal assault. "You are here to learn and not to cause trouble, Mister. We don't tolerate violence." It happens every day, many times.

If a student is discovered at school with a trace amount of marijuana in his possession, he can expect to be suspended or expelled due to the school's Zero Tolerance policy. Female students face suspension for possessing non-prescription Midol at school, needed for cramping during their periods. That isn't a state law requirement; it is the school policy that controls. Schools don't mess around with "ZT" rules and this happens every day.

A 13 year old Boston girl with braces on her teeth was suspended for having a butter knife at school to cut the pear she could not bite into. At many schools, possession of a cell phone, turned on inside a classroom, is enough for confiscation of a $600 phone and suspension from school. Confiscation for 8 months of a phone with a $50/month provider costs the student $400 for phone service he can't use on a contract he cannot break. "Let that be a warning to you."

But sadly, if the same student ...

  • repeatedly trips a smaller, weaker student down the stairs,
  • yanks his pants down in the hallway,
  • spreads the worst of rumors about him or her both in person and by text messages to every other student in school causing great ridicule and humiliation,
  • threatens him daily with physical beatings making him afraid to even come to school,
  • recruits other students to gang up on this weaker student, filling his or her cell phone with messages such as "why aren't you dead yet? UR a #@%*! UR going to get ur ass kicked good after school today. You should just kill yourself NOW!"
  • ... and targets him day and night for weeks and months on end,
  • leading this weaker teen to such despair that the only answer seen is to actually hang him/herself in the bedroom or bathroom before his parents come home from work,
  • leaving a note that explains why and names names? With hundreds and hundreds of witness to the abuse at school? Maybe with cell phone camera photos of him raping the weaker, smaller student and attaching a proud message reading "I did it!"?

Not only will the bully probably not be suspended or expelled and never referred to the police, but will probably not miss a minute of class time all year. Schools won't suspend the bully for even a day, at times not wanting to miss a day's worth of money from the state for their Average Daily Attendance. One group of Colorado high school athletes who kidnapped and raped a smaller, 13 year old boy with a foreign object at a wrestling tournament were suspended for one day only after the community became aware.

Unaware, bullies earn the title of "child killer" for life - and are proud of the accomplishment.

160,000+ students stay home from school every day in America afraid to go to school because bullies think it is their job to ruin someone else's day. If someone brought a pit bull to school and it bit someone, can you imagine the school not requiring that "you leave the dog at home from now on?"

In Michigan, the 2011 Matt's Safe School Law actually provides cover for the worst of bullies to attack gays, Jews and African-Americans with impunity, avoiding prosecution by quoting certain verses from the Bible at any time including after-the-fact.

Where did we go wrong?

Italian teen cyber bullied into a suicide death.

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