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What would I do about school bullies?

This is my solution. You probably have your own, but this one is mine. You don't have to do it my way, but this is what I would do.

Okay, "solution" is a bit strong since it would not solve the problem. But this would certainly address it and make a clearer statement about the harm bullies do than the virtual nothing we do about it now. Schools and parents are mostly all talk and no action as it is.

I think it does not matter than bullying has always been with us. Bullying is a group-think cowardice that has to be separated or removed from civilized society. It does not matter whether it now occurs at a higher level of danger than before, or has always been like this before and we are just reading about it more. All that matters is that it is happening and children are dying because of it. 175,000 American children stay home from school every day out of fear, and they are not being protected by our schools. Children on the pointy end of the stick know they are not safe.

This week, I read about the 13 year old Korean boy who jumped to his death from his home's 7th floor window because other children were beating and robbing him daily at school. After school, they would come to his front door to beat, rob and humiliate him still more.

This week, I read about the 10 year old South Carolina girl who died by hanging herself in her room from fear of returning to her regular school. Previously, the children at her school so humiliated her because her clothes and shoes were the wrong brands and styles, that she had to leave and be home schooled for a time. But parents and school officials thought it was time to reintroduce her to the school. Weren't the wrong kids sent home? Shouldn't the bullies have been excluded, not the victim?

Two weeks ago, I read about the 15 year old Japanese child who committed suicide by jumping from his apartment building's roof because he was bullied at school, organized by the teachers! The teachers were the ring leaders! Naturally the school administration denied the allegations. Then last week, the school retracted the denial and admitted it was true. Too late for the child and his parents.

I find myself asking the question whether public education and the care of our children is too important to be left in the hands of professional educators currently charged with caring for our children.

In the same vein, many times law-making is too important to be left in the hands of elected politicians. The state legislature of Michigan for years fought making bullying children a crime. When they finally did act in November 2011, they actually created a list of circumstances under which you ARE allowed to bully a child. And they had the gall to call it a child-protection law rather than bully-protection for religious bigots. It is shameful. Shameful. Yet they have no sense of shame.

If public school grounds had an open, uncovered well into which children fell, it would be obvious what to do - cover it up so children can't fall in. It's not the well's fault for being open, but we would still act on behalf of all children and expect the well to be covered. If a house just off school property had a dangerous dog loose and biting children on the way to school, the school itself would call the dog pound and have the dog removed. It's not the dog's fault if the owners allowed or encouraged it, but the dog would still be removed because of the danger it presented.

So, remove the bullies, already.
hy is it so tough to remove child killers from school grounds? If a person - even still a child - motivates a smaller, younger child to kill himself, that motivater is a child killer. Aiding and abetting are crimes. I would not settle for a school receiving tax dollars and with teachers and administrators on the public payroll, to remain open and operational another day. If teachers and principals, licensed and paid to care for our children, aren't paying enough attention to be aware of bullying, then they aren't good enough to remain on the payroll. Cancel their teaching credentials. If a teacher is in the classroom with students all day and oblivious to the bullying and threats, they he or she isn't smart enough or sensitive enough to be left alone with children. If the school won't act, close the school until we can get a new principal.

A better way to act is for the school to remove the bullying students from the rolls. If your child is a child killer or attempted child killer or helping a child killer, then your child doesn't belong with other children. These bullies should be expelled and sent to an alternative school. If there isn't an alternative or they have used all the alternatives up, then we are no longer responsible for educating your child. That's YOUR problem; deal with it. Home school the bullies and if you can't, that's your problem. If you don't have the time, you shouldn't have had the child. If your child ends up with an inadequate education, too bad; the little thug wasn't learning anything anyway. He or she was already getting an inadequate education at school while making other children too miserable to show up every day.

Of course, there is a conflict.
The truth is, I care about the lives of the bullies as well despite their choice to behave badly. Yes, they have to be removed from civilized company now. Kids who see their responsibility as one of making the lives of other, smaller, weaker, children miserable, make the one place they have to go outside the home a living hell, don't belong with the rest of our children.

But I still care about salvaging their lives. Sometimes, people bully others simply to keep from standing on the weak side of the line. Those who bully have been bullied themselves.

So, I want them back once they can behalf no longer present a danger to the others. But for now, safety first.


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