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School Officials Blame Media for Amanda Todd Fall Out

School officials in British Columbia have officially missed - and dismissed - the whole point. So parents can reasonably conclude that nothing will change and their own sons and daughters in these schools are still fully at risk. Their children won't be protected, either.

Amanda Todd, 15, made the same mistake that thousands of other teenage girls have made. She got talked into flashing her breasts on the Internet to a boy she thought was a special friend who would keep it private between them. Big mistake. The boy had more hormones than character.

It happens often in North America. All teenagers think they are bullet proof and bad things won't happen to them. Usually, they are right. But sometimes, as in Amanda Todd's case, male and female teens gang up, find someone to hate and attack. The hate follows them from school to school. Why do bullies do this? Because they can. Better him/her than me.

Estimates are that roughly one in five high school age teenagers have topless or nude photos of high school age teen girls on their cell phones right now. Sometimes, the photos can spread like an oil fire, relayed and appearing on nearly every student's phone at a high school within a few minutes. Humiliation is the goal.

In Amanda Todd's case, teenagers simply all took free shots at her because they could. She could have used some forgiveness. She could have used some true friends. She could have used teachers and administrators with backbone, willing to get involved and protect this girl. She could have used policemen willing to go the extra mile. Instead, Amanda took her own life in October 2012, by hanging.

Next, school officials attempted to shift the blame to the media for reporting the case, rather than accepting their own responsibility. Shameful.

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