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Parents and boy arrested in India for abetment of suicide

Bullying as an abetment of suicide means that some has contributed to, aided or assisted a suicide to happen. It may not be an applicable criminal charge where you live, but abetment is a fairly common occurance.

So often when a person is bullied into committing suicide, it indicates that another person or persons contributed to the suicde of another. The basis of any criminal charge - if such a law exists in your jurisdiction - would be whether a person contributed a majority of the cause of dealth. It is similar to how a bartender at a public bar or the person who provides alcohol to a drunk at a home party is held responsible for over-serving.

But as a civil action, only being a contributor is required, not making a majority contribution.

Recently in India, a 15 year old girl was hounded and humiliated by her boyfriend and his parents over her seeing a different boy. Life is cheaper in India, and the prolonged humiliation lead this girl to hang herself in her bedroom, to be found when her own mother returned home from work. Imagine that. Humiliated in front of family and neighbors, a 15 year old girls finds no reason to live another day, to the point that she tied a noose, secured it in in a place taller than herself, slipped the noose over her head and voluntarily choked herself to death while crushing her windpipe.

Every time a bully leads a child to his or her death, the bully becomes a child killer. Whether you are arrested or not, sued for wrongful death or abetment of suicide - or not - it does not change whether you are a child killer. That title applies for the rest of your life.

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