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Mother of Bullied Teen Sues School and Bullies

Fenruary 7, 2014, Bixby OK. An Oklahoma mom is suing her daughter's school and a girl's clique known as the "Snowbunny 6" for bulling directed at her daughter. She asking for the problem to be addressed by the school, and asking $75,000 in damages.

Following attacks by the girls by cell phone text, on Facebook and Twitter social media as well as harassing phone calls, the school's promised to place her in a protected environment. her daughter attempted suicide.

The mother removed her daughter from the school, then returned the teen due to threats from the vice principal to treat the daughter's absense as truancy but promised to protect her from her bullies when she returned. Instead, the school negligently placed the girl back into a classroom with some of the same bullies. That same evening, the girl attempted to take her own life.

This girl is not alone. Every school day in the US, 160,000 students stay home from school becuse they can't feel safe going there, being there or coming home from there.

Should schools be held accountable by law suits?

Yes! Minimally, schools ought to be safe places to attend. School's policies and announcements say they are. "Our first duty is to keep chilren safe while on school grounds." "We provide a safe environment for our students." Yet for 160,000 US students every day, this is not true. If a school is not held accountable after promising protection and then placing a bullied student right back into danger, how will the school officials know they must change?

Should bullies and their families be held accountable? Absolutely. Of course. Naturally. Suppose a student had a habit of starting fires at school. Would he or she be allowed to continue attending?

Bullying students causing problems for others ought to be removed from the school. If a bully believes it is his or her job to make another student's life so miserable that returning to that "safe environment" is not an option, then the student causing the trouble should be transferred to continuation school and not permitted to return for at least a semester, with evidence of a changed heard and a behavioral change.

If the bullying student bullies again, he or should be removed from the continuation school, leaving home schooling as the only option. Tell the parents, "We're sorry but your child's education is now your problem. We can't allow students on our campus who prevent other students from feeling comfortable and safe coming to school."

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