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The Question is ... Why Steve?

Teens Choose Life

If bullying kills, it not only costs our families, friends and communities the life of a dear child, it also turns the bully into a child killer. Then two or more lives are lost - all but one of which may be recovered.
We believe that every human life has value, including the life of those who contribute to the deaths of others.
Our mission is to contribute to the prevention of teen suicides, and to help those devastated by the loss of a young life to heal and move on to positive, healthy, productive lives of their own.

Teen suicides are almost entirely preventable.
Every teen suicide is a mistake, an upspeakable loss.

When your child is at risk, Seven things to do first before you do anything else!

What is the problem?

The number of teen suicides is growing and WE MUST take action:

  • In the 40 years between 1952 and 1992 (the last long term study), suicides increased by 78% among adults in the US. But among teenagers in the same period, the increase was 600%.
  • Depending on your specific location, suicides are the second or third most common cause of death among teens.
  • In case after case, bullying is cited as the suspected main contributor to a resulting suicide. In fact, BULLYING is a special case unto itself.
  • Suicide is the 10th most common cause of death among 5 to 24 year olds and the 11th most common cause of death among all Americans. [Read More]

Why Steve Stewart?

Steve knows this subject first hand, having lost his only child to suicide at the age 19 and walked the surivivor's road 25+ years.

As a professional speaker with 30 years experience, Steve can deliver this message to your people. With 3,500+ professional speeches delivered in 48 states, in every Canadian province and more in Mexico and Western Europe under his belt on other topics, he can address your students or community organization on the causes, risk factors and solutions to be implemented. Positive choices must be made now.

This isn't merely new media attention now bringing attention to teen rage and deaths. There really are more suicides now than before. It IS a growing problem with deathly consequences in school after school.

Many teen suicides ARE preventable when we address the root causes and warnings: Depression, feelings of hopelessness, feelings that there is no future, and yes, BULLYING directly connected to the victim. Read why BULLYING is a special case.

Today, there is more alcohol and drug abuse, more tension, more depression, uncertainty and desperation today than 10-20 years ago. More families have lost supporting jobs and are losing homes than at any time since the Great Depression of the 1930's. That is, in your lifetime and the lifetimes of our parents.

We want to speak on this topic to your teenage children, students, to parents, teachers and school administrators.

Possibly, your concern is the alarming rate at which our teens are at risk from relentless bullying, threats, taunting and drama by their own peers. You do have reason to be alarmed while seeing the news on television. And we bring a message of hope.

Or perhaps your concern stems from a recent suicide in your school, neighborhood or church. Again, we bring a message of hope and perspective.

View the videos and articles embedded here (see links at the of this page) on this website. Then, please, call us directly to discuss what you want to accomplish.


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