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90 Ways to Shake Up Your Business!


1. Treat your real estate business like a Real Job!
2. Take a listing per week. (How?)
3. Show your own listings first.
4. Qualify EVERYONE first.
5. Learn the Language of Real Estate Sales.
6. Buyers who buy, BUY!
7. Only show property to those who will Buy, Today, from You.
8. Learn how to Close on Benefits.
9. Sell by Asking Questions.
10. High standards make all the difference!
11. Only work with people with compelling reasons to make decisions.
12. Don't work with people you don't like.
13. Don't work with people who won't take your advice.
14. Avoid negative people.
15. Require clients to make all the necessary decisions.
16. Conduct Open Houses only for the RIGHT reasons.
17. Prospect 12-15 hours a week.
18. Learn MANY prospecting techniques.
19. Go to the best prospects first: FSBO's & Expired's
20. Use a Planned, Visual Listing Presentation.
21. Price each listing as though you are the buyer, then Buy It!
22. Only accept SALEABLE listings (Know the difference)
23. Use a Saleability Checklist.
24. Give clients reasonable expectations.
25. Don't promise unnecessary services.
26. Don't service your listings. (This one requires some explanation)
27. Allocate time according to your goals.
28. Make your money early in the year.
29. Spend your time proportionately between Prospecting, Presenting, Servicing and Closing.
30 Delegate less important tasks to others.
31. In a slump? Follow the 30 Day Real Estate Diet!
32. Use the One-Step Listing Presentation.
33. Alternate Listing & Inventory Reduction Campaigns.
34. Invest time only in "A" list activities. (Which are..?)
35. Make time to take time off: 2 Days per Week!
36. Stay out of your office.
37. Stop taking floor/opportunity time!
38. Stop all newspaper classified advertising. Or, start running your own ads using your cellular phone number.
39. Buy and out of town paper and copy the ads.
40. Don't make a career out of neighborhood farming.
41. Attend all office meetings.
42. Attend all office caravans/tours.
43. Attend Board MLS meetings regularly.
44. Help your office recruit.
45. Find a good company and stay with it.
46. Help appraisers do their jobs.
47. Create a marketing plan and stick to it.
48. Interview successful agents and take their advice.
49. LOOK the part of the professional.
50. Attend conferences and conventions away from your market area.
51. Use visuals in all your presentations.
52. Learn at least 20-30 different closes.


53. Learn how to handle all the common objections.
54. Learn how to present offers and counter-offers.
55. Learn how to swim upstream.
56. Focus on Personal Promotion.
57. Put your photograph on everything.
58. Computerize NOW. Those who don't will never win over those who do.
59. Get a cell phone this month.
60. Target very specific markets and pursue them relentlessly.
61. Develop an Advocate Group.
62. Farm other agents as much as you farm the public.
63. Take your own MLS digital photographs.
64. Learn to get the most from Broker Open Houses.
65. Use a Feedback Fax for getting feedback from other agents on your listings.
66. Using the clients' phone line for your modem also keeps them from receiving interrupting phone calls.
67. Clearly make the separation in the seller's mind between YOU and the MARKET VALUE of the property.
68. Always tell the client the truth and require a decision. "Well, that didn't work. Here's what we recommend you do next."
69. Get the seller's agreement to list with you before you give them the price.
70. Explain to the seller, "I specialize in..."
71. Take listings at twice the average listing period.
72. Explain: The seller will get the best price in the first two weeks, not in the last two.
73. Pre-arrange necessary price reductions.
74. Tell sellers,"Every day the market speaks to you."
75. Learn how to keep marginal buyers alive during the time they aren't yet ready to buy.
76. Make listing presentations in your office.
77. Make 3 listings presentations in a single night, rather than 1 presentation each on 3 separate nights.
78. Use "Reserved", not "Sold" sign riders.
79. Be firm. If the seller takes less, so do you as a matter of percentage!
80. Use a resume to capture the listing job.
81. Have a lender at your Open House.
82. FedEx EVERYTHING to out-of-town buyers.
83. Join or create a Business Referral Club.
84. Working referrals with out-of-town agents...
85. Use video with company relocation directors.
86. Ask the buyer to bring along certain measurements.
87. Buying on the weekends costs more!
88. Ask "How would top agents handle this job?
89. Learn: 50 things to do with time on your hands.
90. Asking premier questions creates premium Production.

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